Andy's Traction Engines

Andy's Traction Engines


My Traction Engines


Welcome to my site.  I have gathered three engines over the years, I purchased the marshal completed to a very high quality which I have rallied at local shows, I have been working on a Burrell for the last year it is now complete.

I also have a 3" scale living van that is very detailed with all the furniture that the full size van has.

Plus various trailers to tow behind or ride on. 

Burrell 4" (Live Steam Models)

Burrell 4" 

I purchased this 4" Burrell Traction Engine part built. Originally the build was started by ken.

I have spent the last year completing the engine.

Marshall 3" (Brunel models)

Marshall 3" Pride of the Road

3" scale traction engine, I purchased completed to a very high standard

Allchin 1 1/2" 


Allchin traction engine is in need of completing 

Living Van

3" Scale Living Van is highly detailed complete with all the furniture found in the full size van.




I made this trailer out of a electric scooter, making use of the suspension and steering. 

The sides fold down and can be removed if needed.